Amazon Product Images not Loaded in Firefox


    Mozilla Firefox is a great browser but, sometimes, you may see broken images, if that images are loaded via Amazon Sitestripe in a WordPress site.

    Amazon Sitestripe images are not local images and loaded from Amazon via a code. But, that code is pointing to an image in Amazon’s servers. Due to strict copyright rules of Amazon, you can’t copy an image from Amazon and use it in your site, even if you are an Amazon Associates member. Instead, Amazon allows associates members to use Sitestripe images, that are on Amazon’s servers via a code. As a result, Amazon controls product images on-the-fly! If it changes and updates a product image, it’s automatically updated in associates member site.

    Firefox Amazon Sitestripe Problem

    Problem is that, if you are using your Firefox in private browsing mode or you changed some security and cookie settings, Firefox may block Amazon Sitestripe images. In that case, you and (or your customers) see a broken link box images. Even worse, your customers may not see or notice broken image box and that box might be very useful in your page.

    Broken Amazon product images in firefox at WordPress site.
    Broken Amazon images in Firefox

    How to Solve Broken Amazon images problem in Firefox

    Solution of Broken Amazon images in Firefox :

    • Open Options in your Firefox
    • Go to “Privacy and Security
    • Find “History” section
    • Uncheck “Always use private browsing mode“, if checked.
    Firefox Privacy & Security Options to solve Amazon product images not loading problem

    Notice that, Firefox is still a very secure browser, even if you uncheck “Always use private browsing mode“. Also when you need private browsing, you can easily open private browsing , without changing your Firefox options.

    In some rear cases, you may need to change Content Blocking settings to “Standard” also.

    Firefox Browser Privacy Options

    At the and you get, what you want!

    Broken Amazon images in firefox at WordPress site - FIXED
    Broken Amazon images in firefox at WordPress site – FIXED

    Notice that, this solution in Firefox described above is a client site solution. If your customers makes them, no problem.

    If you find some legal product images and load them from your WordPress site locally, your customers will not meet that kind of problems. Remember not to copy/paste that images from Amazon’s site!

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