iPhone to Windows Photo Transfer Problem


Easiest way of transferring photos from iPhone / iPad to Windows is just opening Windows Explorer and copy/paste them. But sometimes you might see strange error messages like “Error Copying File or Folder” , ” A Device Attached to the System Is Not Functioning “. Therefore iPhone photo transfer problem might be seen in many Windows and MAC computers.

iPhone Photo Transfer Problem Symptoms

Although using iTunes for transferring photos and videos from iPhone and iPad to the Windows is a preferred method by Apple, iTunes is complicated and a bit hard. Best alternative for simple photo transfer is just using Windows Explorer. When you want to transfer your iPhone/iPad photos and videos you just open explorer, navigate to your iPhone device and copy/paste your photos. But sometimes, you may have problems in copying your photos.

Symptoms of problem may change. Sometimes, you copy, say 100 photos, and when you paste them you see only 40 files copied! You don’t meet any error message or warning. But sometimes you may meet “A Device Attached to the System Is Not Functioning” or “connected USB device is not functioning” error messages. That messages might be a bit different but problem is same: Connection problem! Changing the USB cable or computer doesn’t solve the problem too.

How to Solve iPhone Photo Transfer Problem

Solving the iPhone to Windows photo transfer problem is fairly simple. So, follow the steps below:

  • If your iPhone/iPad is connected to the PC, disconnect it
  • In your iPhone/iPad navigate to Settings
  • Go to Photos section
  • Navigate down in the Photos menu items. At the end you will see TRANSFER TO MAC AND PC section. Change the option to Keep Originals.
iPhone to Windows Photo Transfer Problem

Now connect your iPhone/iPad to PC and transfer your Photos and Videos without problem.

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